Australian decision to allow Superyachts to Charter a way to look forward for Indonesia

Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia were very happy to see the Australian Government decision allowing foreign flagged superyachts to charter in Australian waters as it passed unanimously with bipartisan support through both house of parliament on Thursday 5th December.

“This land mark decision can only be used as a further example that Indonesia should follow suit with this type of initiative ” remarked APS Indonesia founder and Director Jimmy Blee. “We at APS Indonesia are at the fore front of working with central government Jakarta in lobbying to bring about a similar law in Indonesia.”

Captain Jimmy continued, “Fiji adopted the same policy a few years ago, positively increasing the average stay of a superyacht from 21 days to 136 days, a net increase of taxes and local revenues of USD50 million and the creation of over 1500 jobs in a mere two years. The benefits to any country adopting this type of policy are well documented and obvious”

As the news of the Australian parliament passing this Superyacht law was reported the Cairns Post, its editorial stated “A Superyacht Australia report released last year showed that the passing of a bill as this will bring AUD1.1 billion to the economy by 2021”. From the Indonesian perspective this can not be over looked.

“It is with sound research and proven statistics of the overall economic benefits of this type of law that allows us to take this to central government Jakarta to consider this for Indonesia ” continued Capt. Jimmy.

Indonesia is one of the worlds best cruising areas. Its diving, beautiful waters and amazing islands make it a magnet for Superyacht owners and potential high end charterers to come and experience the warmth and hospitality of the Indonesian people, their cultural diversity and depth of adventure activity which the country offers.

We at Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia will continue our strong efforts to lobby and represent to Central government Jakarta the economic and and employment benefits of a sound strategic policy in relation to Superyachts in Indonesia.

Jimmy Blee

Jimmy Blee

Owner and founder of Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia and a regular contributor to South East Asia Pilot.

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