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Cruising Raja Ampat With Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia

Raja Ampat is home to Indonesia’s largest national marine park, lying at the north-west tip of the Birds Head Peninsula. It is made up of four main islands and over 1,500 smaller islands across 40,000 square kilometres of land and sea. Well known for its world class underwater ecology, cultural and spiritual experiences, tropical flora and fauna, rare endemic wildlife and many bird species including some Bird of Paradise species.

Crystal clear water, turquoise lagoons and limestone islands boast the highest marine biodiversity in the world, home to thousands of coral species, reef fish and mollusc and named by underwater enthusiasts as some of the best diving adventures on the planet. Although famous for its rich underwater environments and aquatic life there are multiple anchorages between the islands allowing visitors to get up close with the exotic creatures and endemic animals which live among the lush forest jungle and rocky mountain areas.

Much of Raja Ampat is still untouched with many protected areas. Our experienced guides have first-hand knowledge and a network of local connections which enable us to take you through some of the most remote areas and experience it’s pristine waters and biodiverse marine life. We create tailor-made itineraries for your yacht cruise through Raja Ampat and cater each trip to the desires of your owner and guests.

To best support our clients, Asia Pacific Superyachts has set up a dedicated office located in Raja Ampat to enable us to deliver the highest quality services in a timely manner wherever you are cruising. Whatever your yacht requirements are, our dedicated team offers round the clock shore support, bunkering, provisioning and formalities services to ensure a smooth cruise through Raja Ampat and the rest of Indonesia.

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Our team have first-hand knowledge to some of the best-kept secrets when cruising in Indonesia. We can help with all your yachting needs, tailored to your personal interests and time parameters.


Jimmy Blee


Originating from North Queensland, Captain Jimmy moved to Thailand in 1989 to support the formation of Aman cruises, the marine branch of Aman resorts in Phuket. He moved to Indonesia in 1994 and founded Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia in 2009. For the last 24 years Jimmy has sailed extensively throughout Indonesia, has operated charter vessels and guided expedition-style cruises building extensive knowledge and contacts throughout Indonesia.


Thomas Taatjes

General Manager

Born in Australia, Thomas grew up around Asia on boats and spent his whole life at or near the ocean. After graduating University in Sydney, Thomas moved back to Phuket where he worked professionally in the yachting industry. Thomas was a racer, RYA instructor, delivery captain, charter captain, charter fleet manager and refit manager before becoming a superyacht mate/captain, then moving to Bali to join APS.



Office Manager

Octavia was born in Tabanan, Bali and has been with us for over 7 years. Octavia is highly experienced with yachts and all aspects of Indonesian law, logistics and operations. She has excellent communication skills and enjoys the constant challenges of supporting yachts throughout Indonesia, reveling in the job well completed and to the highest standards!



Formalites/Raja Ampat Branch Manager

Head of formalites, branch manager and contact for our Raja Ampat office, Fitri was born and raised in Sorong. Prior to joining APS in 2014 Fitri was working for a commercial shipping agency in Sorong and is an expert in the field, she has extensive experience navigating the complex rules and regulations in Indonesia. Her connections and close relationships with authorities both in Sorong and around Indonesia makes ensures APS have the highest level of support and professionalism in this demanding country.



Shore Support

Alit was born in Tabanan Bali and is the son in law of Made Gerip who was the first ever yacht agent in Indonesia. Learning the trade from Made, he is a valuable member of the Asia Pacific Superyachts team. Alit is our Benoa formalities and support person who will arrange all that is needed your our vessels in Bali and beyond. He enjoys the challenges and varied jobs that working with Superyachts brings.



Lead Dive Guide

Born on Weh island, North Sumatra Arif got into diving at a very young age. Arif has worked as a cruise director, divemaster, dive instructor and guide for over 30 years in Indonesian waters and around SE Asia. He was part of the first exploratory dives in many remote locations in Indonesia helping to bring many World Class dive sites into the international spot light such as Raja Ampat over 20 years ago. Joining APS in 2018, he is loving the excitement and opportunity to show off the beauty of Indonesia to international guests with the highest levels of service and professionalism.

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Contact us to start planning your cruise through Raja Ampat. Our experienced team will assist to deliver a first class service and create bespoke itineraries best suited to your yacht, owners and guests.

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